GE44: 5 Gifts for Geek Dads


Winter is Coming Mug
Winter is Coming Mug

So your kids didn’t get you what you really wanted for Father’s Day? Don’t panic! We got you covered.

This episode offers 5 gifts any geek dad would love to have. Feel free to get one or more of them for yourself or a geeky dad you know.

  1. Han Solo in Carbonite Beach Towel-$24.95
  2. Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share-$10.44
  3. “Winter is Coming” Coffee Mug-$12.46
  4. Darth Vader and Son book-$8.51 and/or Vader’s Little Princess book-$9.53
  5. Retro Gamer Cufflinks-$50



What is the best gift you received for Father’s Day?

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