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GE43: Optimus Prime Dies

OOPS! Looks like we forgot the spoiler alert. Well, it should be no surprise to any ’80s Kids out there that in 1986’s classic film Transformers: The Movie that Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, dies at the hands of the evil Megatron who leads the Decepticons. This episode explains the importance… Read More»

GE42: Top 5 Kevin Smith Films Part 1

New Jersey native Kevin Smith debuted as a director when his film Clerks was snatched up at the Sundance Film Festival. The black and white movie was filmed for under $30,000. This episode lists our top 5 of the films set in the View Askewniverse, which runs parallel to and… Read More»

GE41: How to Geek Out Your Wedding with Angelia Parenteau

Close your eyes and picture this scene in your mind. A woman wielding a hatchet hovers over a man sleeping on a couch. She prepares to smash into his head with the hatchet. Of what is this a scene? A wedding, of course, Angelia Parenteau discusses her horror-themed wedding and… Read More»

GE40: 5 Signs Star Wars: A New Hope is a GREAT Film

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is one of the best pieces of cinema made in all of human history. What are some of the signs to alert viewers of the film’s magnificence? Jonathan shares 5 signs that show this is a great film.  

GE39: 5 Reasons to Play Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a fun and challenging game.  It is currently in Alpha but is a stable and enjoyable game for Windows and Mac OSX. Jonathan apologizes in this episode for confusion he caused last time.  The Ray Harryhausen episode was mistakenly referred to as Episode 39.  It is actually… Read More»