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GE40: 5 Signs Star Wars: A New Hope is a GREAT Film

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is one of the best pieces of cinema made in all of human history. What are some of the signs to alert viewers of the film’s magnificence? Jonathan shares 5 signs that show this is a great film.  

GE38: 5 Reasons Ray Harryhausen was Incredible

Ray Harryhausen may not be well known to today’s moviegoers.  But, he was a special effects genius best known for his unique brand of stop motion animation. Mr. Harryhausen created stop motion characters that explode off the screen.  He was best known for his work with the 1963 film Jason… Read More»

GE25: 5 Great Sci-Fi Aliens

Aliens and Sci-Fi go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly Time. This episode shares 5 Great Science Fiction Aliens. There’s only so much room in a top 5 list and we’re bound to leave out some of your favorites.  Let us know what you think we got right and what… Read More»

GE24: 15 Geeky Gifts for the Holidays

You probably have a geek in your life and maybe you can use some ideas for what to buy them this holiday season.  This episode covers 15 gifts perfect for any geek. The idea of the holiday gift guide started in 2006 with Jonathan’s other show Wargaming Recon.  You can… Read More»

GE18: Top 5 Kurosawa Westerns

Akira Kurosawa defined the American western film and he did so with his Sengoku-jidai samurai films. This episode pays him homage. Jonathan reveals the Top 5 Kurosawa Westerns. These are cinematic masterpieces. 5-Throne of Blood Kagemusha The Hidden Fortress Yojimbo Seven Samurai TCPN Newsletter Each month, or thereabouts, our newsletter… Read More»