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GE54: Designated Survivor Totoro

Designated Survivor is an interesting new TV show that posits “What happens if the US government is obliterated?”  Based on an actual procedure of keeping one cabinet member away to act as the designated survivor.  The show dives into this premise with action and a bit of political drama.  Think… Read More»

GE53: 5 Reasons Star Wars Dark Empire Trilogy is AWESOME

Star Wars Dark Empire is an intriguing graphic novel that expands on the Holy Trilogy.  Discover 5 reasons you need to read this graphic novel trilogy. 5) It continues the saga with a focus on the future by paying homage to the past 4) It shows the cyclical nature of the… Read More»

GE52: 5 Reasons to Play Star Wars Empire at War

Star Wars Empire at War is a fun real time strategy (RTS) game you can play on computers running Windows or Mac OSX.  Discover 5 reasons you should play the game. 5) It is affordable ($19.99 via Steam or Mac App Store) 4) Captures the RTS feel of Empire vs Rebel Alliance… Read More»

GE51: Tristan Tarwater Fantasy Author

  Tristan J. Tarwater is kickstarting her debut graphic novel illustrated by Adrian Ricker.  Shamsee: A Fistful of Lunars is set in the world of Valley of Ten Crescents containing Tristan’s novels Thieves at Heart (FREE eBook from Amazon), Self-Made Scoundrel, and Red Moon Rising found at Back That Elf Up.… Read More»

GE50: 5 Star Wars Fatherhood Examples

  Star Wars has some interesting examples of good and bad fathers.  Since Jonathan and his wife are expecting their first child he thought it a good idea to look to Star Wars to see what kind of father he should be. Please note that this episode contains SPOILERS and… Read More»