GE34: 5 Fun iOS Games

Anyone who owns a mobile device has favorite apps.  We are no different and are sharing 5 fun games that you can play on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc) you own.

Some are free, some cost money, but all are a lot of fun to play.


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GE33: Wizard Rocking with The Whomping Willows

“So I swear I do believe in Nargles.”  This totally clean episode is devoted to a unique musical act known as the Whomping Willows.  If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books, reading, equality, owning who you are, and using your imagination, then this is an episode to which you must listen.

Prepare yourself for a music concert courtesy of the Whomping Willows.  Many thanks to Matt Maggiacomo, a.k.a. Whompy himself, for granting permission so these songs can be played for you.


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GE32: 5 Regrets from TotalCon 2013

Episode 31 covered 5 Highlights from TotalCon 2012.  This time Jonathan tackles his 5 regrets from the con.


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GE31: 5 Highlights from TotalCon 2013

TotalCon is New England’s largest game convention.  2013 marks Jonathan’s 3rd year in attendance.  He recounts his top 5 highlights from the con.


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GE30: Valentine’s Gifts for Geeks with Ben Gerber

Valentine’s Day can be a tough day for many people.  But, imagine if you’re in need of a gift for that special geek in your life.  EEK!  What are you to do?

Ben Gerber, owner of Troll in the Corner, joins Jonathan to share their picks for geeky gifts on Valentine’s.


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